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Most Investors Are Priced Out Of Buying Real Estate In Areas Of Accelerated Growth, But They Can Still Profit From It Through One Innovative Platform

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You can change or fix most things about a property, but you can’t change where it is. 

But location is the most important aspect of real estate. When buying a property as an investment, you’re often betting on its ZIP code rather than the quality of the individual unit.

The problem with that is that the vast majority of investors get priced out of the opportunity to invest in high-growth areas. That can be very frustrating because a Class A property in a diminishing area will likely net returns slimmer than a Class C property in an area with a great influx of people and businesses.

The founders of Nada decided to end that frustration and bring regular investors access to the most prosperous areas in the country for $100. Their answer was Cityfunds, a way for every investor to capitalize on the expansion of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S.

Cityfunds are diversified portfolios of rentals from large metro areas like Dallas, Austin, Tampa and Miami. Each Cityfund is tied to one city, so by buying shares of one, you’re essentially betting on the entire city’s market rather than an individual property. Because the portfolio is made up of cash-flowing rental properties, you also get dividends based on rent and liquidation events.

Nada has a team of real estate veterans with over 20 years of experience, and the company stands by its decisions. So much so that it invests alongside the members in every property in the portfolio. More than 10,000 investors have joined the platform, motivated by the company’s track record and the unique opportunity it provides.

All Cityfunds have been up since inception despite the wider markets taking a moderate setback at the moment. Cityfunds shareholders aren’t as worried about that as other real estate investors because they will soon be able to easily sell their shares to interested buyers on a secondary trading platform.

Cityfunds is a great opportunity for all investors who want access to a diversified portfolio tied to one specific metro area. Because the company is on a mission to democratize investing in valuable real estate, you can add shares of any Cityfund for as little as $100.

Click here to invest in Cityfunds. 

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